Random Characters

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I've drawn so many different characters and random fashion drawings that I have an entire sketchbook filled literally from cover to cover with random people, that I'm not quiet sure what to do with. Recently I've decided to put some of these characters to work. So far I've chosen five girls they're at the top of my page, I've given each one a name and
I'm currently working on their individual bio's and seeing inspiration for a storyline to make a short comic stripe of these five girls. I'm open to suggestions and feedback so don't be shy, leave your comments, ideas and suggestions below.


Anonymous said...

very nice Keri-Lee, i took the time out to visit ur site, n i must say i was impressed....keep up da good work gurl...u r very good at what u do...

Kerri-Lee said...

Thank you =)

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